Back Story

I am Amy the person this project.


I found my creative spark back in 2012 when my husband was away for work for a month and I was home alone with the children. I have always suffered with my mental health and this time was a struggle. I found myself making some notebooks one evening and have never looked back.

Our youngest son, George has additional needs and a rare form of epilepsy, this tied in with my struggle to feel I fit in a workplace led me to set up my own small business , Amy's Emporium. It enabled me to be home for him and also to create a space I felt comfortable working in and a sense of achievement I hadn’t felt before.


Fast forward to the present day and myself and my husband are being pushed to choose Georges next educational moves, which has led to conversations about how he will fit into a mainstream workplace. With the worry he won’t we decided to take some steps ourselves.

George is keen to learn and work, so my husband set out to teach him to weld, and he is really good at it. He has started making keyrings which he wants me to sell at summer fairs and wants to see Ginger Fabrications become his own small venture. Seeing how proud he feels of himself fills me with warmth, especially in a world that makes things hard for him.

And that in a nut shell is what has really driven me forward with this project, I want to be able to provide as many people as possible with that feeling of accomplishment and self worth and aide them with skills that could help in their day to day life's.