Our Goal

At our creative studios, we are committed to fostering personal and professional growth through the transformative power of creativity.

We aim to do this by focusing on 3 main areas:
  • Creative Classes - a variety of creative activities, available for all abilities. These will be bookable via the website and will vary in pricing.
  • Support Groups - these will be free groups funded by the profits from the creative classes and workshop hire. These will be aimed at specific need groups and these sessions will provide a platform for individuals to not only explore their creative potential but also connect with others who may be navigating similar challenges.
  • Community Workshop Space - we will have 3 workbenches available for people who are starting out with their small business idea but don’t have the space or tools available at home, to hire at a low cost. This will include the use of sewing machines, cutting mats, computers and design software, heat presses, embroidery machines and a laser cutter.

We want to have accessible creative classes and support groups that can support peoples wellbeing and mental health.

And offer support to people who may struggle to access main stream employment and want to try and turn their creative idea into a small business.

At our studios, we are more than just a space for artistic expression – we are a catalyst for personal and professional growth, where creativity flourishes and dreams become reality.